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My You Tube Channel

Today I created my You Tube channel and I have added my first video tutorial.

It is a very useful little tutorial on how to solve the problem of buckled or warped artwork on paper.

Video tutorial on You Tube with a solution for buckled artwork on paper

I always used to struggle with my watercolour paper buckling and had read many tips and watched videos on how to prevent this happening. I had tried most of them without very good results and always found it very frustrating. Nobody would want to purchase artwork on a distorted piece of paper. So I came up with my own method, which I have shared with you in this video.

I should also add, as I mention in the video, that the better quality watercolour paper that you use makes a huge difference in preventing buckling in the first place. I now always buy 120lb or 140lb watercolour paper. It really is worth paying the extra.But if you are having problems with your watercolour paper buckling do pop over to You Tube and watch my video. It is only 7 minutes long and demonstrates this very simple but effective solution of mine.

Hope you enjoy it.

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