Here is a selection of other Art Sundries that I find very useful and recommend.

Art Guard Barrier Cream

I always use a barrier cream when I am acrylic painting to protect my hands because when I have finished painting I can often have very messy hands.

Here is an example from one particularly exciting painting session.

Messy hands covered in paint after a great painting session

Of course they are not always as loaded with paint as this, but there is ALWAYS a fair bit of paint on my hands after I have finished painting. And I don’t want to wear protective gloves because I find them very restrictive.
To remove this amount of paint would take a great deal of scrubbing UNLESS I am wearing barrier cream which makes the process SO much easier. The paint just rolls off with general ease and minimal scrubbing. I really wouldn’t be without it.

I buy mine from Amazon and the jar lasts for ages.

Jar of artist barrier cream