Watercolour Paints

A great little set of Pearl Watercolour Paints that I purchased from Amazon are these Coliro Artist Mica Watercolours. They have a beautiful pearl sheen.

Coliro Artist Mica Watercolour paints Pearl
Coliro Artist Mica Watercolour paints Pearl


These are my favourite colouring pencils. Prismacolor Premier.

Prismacolor Premier colour pencils in tin

I love them because they are so creamy smooth to use.
Although to be fair I do abuse them when I use them for mark making in my acrylic paintings.
Very easy to sharpen though and they don’t keep breaking like some cheaper brands.
My box is a box of 72 because I wanted a good mix of colours.
But I have rearranged them for these photos in order of most used and as you can see the colours in the top layer get far more use.

Prismacolor Premier colour pencils ordered into size of most used.

I bought mine on Amazon.

Neocolor 2

I love my Neocolor 2 Crayons!

Neocolor 2 Crayons are water soluble crayons by Caran D’Ache. I use them in all aspects of my artwork, from mark making as a preliminary layer to my paintings through to final marks to create more interest at the end of a painting. I even use them midway through my acrylic artwork to add glimmers of colour as exciting and surprising highlights. They are probably one of my most used art supplies.