Smartphone Video Mount

Maybe you have seen something in my photos or videos that I use in my Art Process and you are wondering what it is. Here is where I list my favourite tools and equipment that I use, suggest or recommend.

I found this Smartphone Video Mount on Amazon UK. I have found it perfect for when I want to video my process with my iPhone.

It attaches very easily to any table that I use. But the main thing I like about it is its flexibility of movement. I can position it easily so that It can video the required area either by swivelling the mount or turning the arm.

And very inexpensive.

Video Mount for smartphone
Video Mount for Smartphone

Artristic Easel

Although I have a couple of easels This one is definitely my favourite.

Artristic studio easel rotates and tilts to so many convenient angles. easy to alter to any position including horizontal.

And this is why I love it so much. Can you see how easy it is for me to change the position of my canvas. From left to right, the angle and the height?

I particularly like that I can use it horizontally. This is great for when applying a coat of gesso at the beginning of a painting or for applying varnish at the end. I can position it flat at eye level and it is so easy for me to see if I have maximum coverage. At this angle I can look at the light reflection and see if I have missed any spots.

Purchase from Artristic Easel

Pen/Pencil Caddy

I wanted to show you my travel, stand-up pen/pencil holder because I find it SO handy and thought you might like it too. 

I use it to carry around my pens and pencils for when I am working on small projects or travelling. And the best thing about it is that I can even sit in an armchair and sketch without my pens disappearing down the back of the chair or rolling on to the floor. They are so easily accessible this way. 

And then I zip them up and carry them to my next port of call. 

Roller Ball Bottles

I bought these refillable glass bottle with a stainless steel roller ball tip for my acrylic paints.

I fill them with acrylic paint which i can then roll on to my artwork.

You will find a more detailed article about them here.

They can be purchased from Amazon. (very inexpensive)