Today I am going to hopefully inspire you to look for implements around the house that you can use for mark making. My eyes are now finely tuned to look for shapes in everyday items and I come across new mark making implements all the time.


The kitchen is a good source of supplies for me. How about a spatula?


Who would have thought!


Or a plastic pizza slicer…….. not sure how good it is for slicing pizza.


But it glides across my artwork beautifully to create erratic lines.

Pizza Slicer

And a basting brush, which I actually use a lot in the kitchen, (not the same one I use for painting I hasten to add)

Basting Brush

Makes some good random marks.

Basting Brush

Then we have paint scrapers.

Paint Scrapers

I use these a lot to add painted lines.

ScrapersNow let’s go to the hairdressers. These combs were cheap and cheerful

Hair combsI drag them a little across the page


And …… not sure what you call this but it is the plastic brush that you use to pull hair conditioner through your hair.

Hair brush

I like this one because I can creat circular dots like this.

Hair brush

Or if I twist it as I print it makes this nice twisted dots design.

Hair brush twist

Then finally…… and I use these a lot!

Doggie poo bags!

Dog bags

But not the bags but the inner roll that the bags are rolled on to. (already used, hence the paint)

Plastic tube

I always save these because they are useful for printing circles.

Tube close up

Tube dots

I should point out that for all my mark making I first spread my paint with a brayer on to a piece of heavy duty glass that I keep on my art worktop. (the glass was an idea that I got from Flora Bowley). Then I press my mark making tools into the paint spread to gather up paint.

Well that is al for today. Although I suspect I could come up with endless more ideas if I started rummaging in my drawers. What Ideas can you come up with for implements that will make interesting marks? Go and have a search around the house and see what you can find.

I will be blogging again next week with some more mark making ideas and I think you are gonna love them. So do remember to stop by again next week or in case you forget you might like to subscribe to my blog posts on the top right of the Home page.

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