When I don’t have time to paint ‘big’ because of life commitments or travelling I still have to get my daily creative fix. This is when I work on my ‘Mini Me’ small art paintings.

small art

Generally these are watercolour, although not always. I find it very relaxing to paint in watercolour and it makes a nice change from my acrylics.

Then I like to doodle on top. Doodling is fun. Also very relaxing. I am always looking for different ways to doodle.

small art

Once these are mounted they make great small pieces of colourful art.

small art

These mounted pieces fit perfectly into an Ikea Ribba picture frame.

small art

I love my “Mini Me” paintings.

If you would like to see more they are available to purchase in my new Etsy shop. Yes, I finally got round to opening a shop there. So pop along to ArtHappyMe on Etsy and take a look.

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