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Abstract Floral Painting Process

I thought you might like to see the painting process of my latest abstract floral painting “Colour Me Happy”.

Here you can see I began with black and white with a touch of blue. Lots or random mark making with both paint and pencils. And of course paint drips.

Progress of Colour Me Happy abstract floral painting on my easel

Now I have begun to add some reds and whites to create different tints. More drips too.

Progress of Colour Me Happy abstract floral painting on my easel

Beginning to add some orange and quinacridone gold.

Throughout the process so far I am continually scraping through the colours with a wooden skewer or old plastic credit card (favourite tools).

Progress of Colour Me Happy abstract floral painting on my easel

Next is the introduction of lemons and greens.

Progress of Colour Me Happy abstract floral painting on my easel

At this point I came to a crossroads and couldn’t decide which way I wanted to proceed.
So, I took a photo and uploaded it to my iPad where i worked on it with my Apple Pencil.
It’s a great way to experiment with ideas.

Progress of Colour Me Happy abstract floral painting using my iPad

Then once I was inspired to continue, I proceeded with an added confidence in the direction I wanted to go with this one.

And here is the final result.

Here you can also see it in a room setting, where I can visualise it in its final resting place.
Your home maybe? You will find it to my Online Shop.
It will eventually arrive varnished and ready to hang in the home of whichever collector has the yearning to own this piece of art.

Colour Me Happy abstract floral painting in a room setting

“Colour Me Happy” and I have enjoyed our time together and I hope you have enjoyed viewing our creative journey.

My Floral Artwork Cushions

Floral artwork cushions

I am very excited to announce that for a limited period five pieces of my floral artwork are going to be available on cushions and as art prints.

I absolutely LOVE the cushions.

Above all, I am particularly thrilled that these cushions are available through a company who plant three trees for every order they receive. They also use sustainable package and are against modern slavery and make sure there is no modern slavery used in their supply lines.
So a thoroughly ‘green’ company which is wonderful.

Here is an example of one of my art prints.

What more can I tell you?
Well, their prices are very reasonable.
For instance a 17″ (43 cms) square cushion costs £24.95 and an 8″ square (20cms) art print costs £15.95. All prices include UK postage.
But don’t worry, they ship internationally too and their shipping rates are very fair
In addition the cushions and prints come in a variety of sizes.

My floral artwork cushions and art prints will only be available for a limited time until August 16th. The link to purchase is at

Finally, I have my fingers crossed that I might be selected as an artist for their giftware range. Any purchases of my work or likes on Facebook will give me points towards recognition, so even if you don’t wish to purchase I would be very grateful for your Likes. Here is the link.

Please Like my artwork here on Facebook

And if you like the artwork the originals of these are currently available to purchase in my online shop.

Thank you for taking a look and please wish me luck. 🤞

Latest Acrylic Paintings

It’s about time I showed you some of my latest acrylic paintings.

You’d think with the current crisis and being in lockdown that I would have so much time for updating my website. 🤔

But no, instead I have been sucking up this extra time with even more painting. I just can’t get enough of it. 

However, today I have knuckled down to add a little update showing some of the work here that I have completed during this “gift of time” that we have been presented with. 

Firstly, I have completed quite a few of my abstract meadow paintings.

Acrylic abstract meadow paintings

As you can see my joy of colour has not abandoned me. These four are acrylic on paper measuring 8″ x 12″ approx.

Here are a couple more 12″ x 16″ mounted to 16″ x 20″.

Acrylic abstract meadow paintings

Then I have one more which is far more abstract. 16″ square on canvas board.

Abstract acrylic artwork

And finally for my acrylic paintings I have two for my vase series.

Abstract acrylic vases
mixed media on canvas side view

Well there you have it. You are all up to date with my recent acrylic paintings. And if you are interested in purchasing they are now available on my Buy Art pages.

Next I will try to round up some photos of my latest watercolour art that I have been painting to show you. Yes, I have been very busy during lockdown.

Mark Making Idea – Roller Ball Bottles

I came up with a new mark making idea with these roller ball bottles.

Roller ball bottles used for mark making

I had received a bottle of cuticle oil for Christmas in a bottle with a stainless steel roller ball tip and whilst I was using it I suddenly had a lightbulb moment. I thought these bottles would be a great way of rolling paint. So, I found some empty refillable bottles on Amazon, filled one up with acrylic paint and gave it a try. And as you can see it worked a treat.

I filled the bottles with acrylic paint.

Refillable bottle with stainless steel roller ball tip filled with acrylic paint

I used High Flow acrylic for one and Fluid Acrylic for the other but watered down so that it would flow better.

Roller ball bottles filled with acrylic paint

I have decided it is probably best to store them upside down so that the paint doesn’t dry out on the roller ball which may make it difficult to roll.

Roller ball bottles stored upside down to prevent dried out paint clogging the roller

I have added the Amazon links for the bottles on my Favourite Art Supplies page Tools & Equipment

I love it when I come up with a new mark making idea. I hope you like it. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Current Painting in Progress – Knowing when to stop

This is the current painting in progress on my Artristic Easel.

Abstract floral acrylic art. Current painting in progress

An artist’s work goes through many stages. Often loving the early stages and wanting to stop right there. Or trying to decide when is enough and knowing when to stop. (Sometimes wishing I had stopped earlier 😱 ). From enjoying it to hating it. Lots of tweaking and masses of self doubt.

But I guess this is the same when a poet writes his poems, an author writes his book or a composer composes his music. We are constantly seeking perfection. Probably never quite attaining it. BUT that is what drives us to create more. It is part of the creative process. It is important to remember that and go along with the agonies of the process, expect it to happen and work through it.

So, I need to let this painting sit for a while and decide if I am happy with it as it is or whether to work on it some more. I’m sure it will speak to me when it is ready.

What do you think?

And if you want to see why I like my Artristic Easel so much read what I have to say about it here. Then you will understand why it is my favourite easel.