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Latest Acrylic Paintings

It’s about time I showed you some of my latest acrylic paintings.

You’d think with the current crisis and being in lockdown that I would have so much time for updating my website. 🤔

But no, instead I have been sucking up this extra time with even more painting. I just can’t get enough of it. 

However, today I have knuckled down to add a little update showing some of the work here that I have completed during this “gift of time” that we have been presented with. 

Firstly, I have completed quite a few of my abstract meadow paintings.

Acrylic abstract meadow paintings

As you can see my joy of colour has not abandoned me. These four are acrylic on paper measuring 8″ x 12″ approx.

Here are a couple more 12″ x 16″ mounted to 16″ x 20″.

Acrylic abstract meadow paintings

Then I have one more which is far more abstract. 16″ square on canvas board.

Abstract acrylic artwork

And finally for my acrylic paintings I have two for my vase series.

Abstract acrylic vases

Well there you have it. You are all up to date with my recent acrylic paintings. And if you are interested in purchasing they are now available on my Buy Art pages.

Next I will try to round up some photos of my latest watercolour art that I have been painting to show you. Yes, I have been very busy during lockdown.

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Mark Making Idea – Roller Ball Bottles

I came up with a new mark making idea with these roller ball bottles.

Roller ball bottles used for mark making

I had received a bottle of cuticle oil for Christmas in a bottle with a stainless steel roller ball tip and whilst I was using it I suddenly had a lightbulb moment. I thought these bottles would be a great way of rolling paint. So, I found some empty refillable bottles on Amazon, filled one up with acrylic paint and gave it a try. And as you can see it worked a treat.

I filled the bottles with acrylic paint.

Refillable bottle with stainless steel roller ball tip filled with acrylic paint

I used High Flow acrylic for one and Fluid Acrylic for the other but watered down so that it would flow better.

Roller ball bottles filled with acrylic paint

I have decided it is probably best to store them upside down so that the paint doesn’t dry out on the roller ball which may make it difficult to roll.

Roller ball bottles stored upside down to prevent dried out paint clogging the roller

I have added the Amazon links for the bottles on my Favourite Art Supplies page Tools & Equipment

I love it when I come up with a new mark making idea. I hope you like it. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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Abstract Meadows Leap Day Sale

Today I am offering a one off Leap Day Sale of six of my latest Abstract Meadows paintings. Leap Day only comes once every four years so here is a great opportunity for you to buy one of my paintings at around 30% off normal price.

I am offering each of these paintings on a first come first served basis of $100 (€90) each which includes International shipping.

And here they are individually.

Abstract Meadow acrylic painting
Abstract Meadow acrylic painting
Abstract Meadow acrylic painting
Abstract Meadow acrylic painting
Abstract Meadow acrylic painting
Abstract Meadow acrylic painting

I have no plans for another Sale like this in the near future. Well not for the next four years at least. 😃 So make the most of this one time offer now. Contact Me to reserve yours or for further details.

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New Painting – New Beginnings

It seems like Spring is in the air and to herald its arrival I have a new painting. An abstract landscape in Spring colours.

Here you can see some of the process of the process of this painting.

The painting size is 16″ x 12″ and is on a deep edged canvas. I always like to paint wrap around sides to my canvasses so that you can approach them at any angle and be drawn into the painting.

Sides of landscape painting on deep edged canvas

Sides of landscape painting on deep edged canvas

And here is a little close up detail of a section of the painting.

Close up detail of landscape painting on deep edged canvas

“New Beginnings” 16″ x 12″ on deep edged canvas.

This painting is now available to purchase on my “Buy Art” page.

€140 ($150 approx) includes international shipping

Now we can look forward to Spring.

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Abstract paintings “Streets of Morocco”

My series of three “Streets of Morocco” abstract paintings evolved from an initial layer of paper collage and mark making.

Paper collage and mark making as first layers of abstract paintings

Here you can see a close up of some of the paper collage and mark making on one of the paintings.

Close up of paper collage and mark making initial layer

I paint intuitively and from these initial backgrounds “Streets of Morocco” began to emerge.

Close up of completed "Streets of Morocco" mixed media abstract painting

And here are the final three abstract paintings showing how the painting wraps around the sides.
10″ square mixed media and acrylic on deep edged canvas.
You will find these for sale on my Buy Art page

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the development of this painting.

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Current Painting in Progress – Knowing when to stop

This is the current painting in progress on my Artristic Easel.

Abstract floral acrylic art. Current painting in progress

An artist’s work goes through many stages. Often loving the early stages and wanting to stop right there. Or trying to decide when is enough and knowing when to stop. (Sometimes wishing I had stopped earlier 😱 ). From enjoying it to hating it. Lots of tweaking and masses of self doubt.

But I guess this is the same when a poet writes his poems, an author writes his book or a composer composes his music. We are constantly seeking perfection. Probably never quite attaining it. BUT that is what drives us to create more. It is part of the creative process. It is important to remember that and go along with the agonies of the process, expect it to happen and work through it.

So, I need to let this painting sit for a while and decide if I am happy with it as it is or whether to work on it some more. I’m sure it will speak to me when it is ready.

What do you think?

And if you want to see why I like my Artristic Easel so much read what I have to say about it here. Then you will understand why it is my favourite easel.

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Using same art paintbrushes later? – A great tip!

I came up with this great idea for when I am working with my acrylic art paintbrushes.

Sometimes I have to stop in the middle of an acrylic painting, but maybe only for a while, possibly because something has called me away, or I may need to wait for some layers to dry or often just because I need to take a break and have a think about where I am going next with the painting. I hate the thought of having to wash out my brushes ( a job that I loathe ) just to start all over again a few hours later with the same colours.

art paintbrushes

Then I came up with a brainwave. Would my brushes still remain usable and not dry out if I wrapped them in aluminium foil? So I tried it and it’s amazing. It works a treat. The brushes remain as wet ready for me to continue where I left off.

All I do to preserve them this way is separate the brushes slightly and carefully lay them in a piece of aluminium foil.

art paintbrushes

Then clench the foil around them so that they stay fairly airtight. So quick and easy.

art paintbrushes

Such a simple idea. Why did I not think of it before?

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Art Process – development of an abstract meadow painting

I thought you might like to see some of the art process from my latest painting “This Side of Heaven”

Unfortunately I only took a few photos shots but it might give you a little glimpse into how the painting developed.

After the initial black and white layer here are some early layers of blues, lilacs and lemons. As you can see there has been a fair bit of paint dripping going on.

Art process. First layers of colour

Then I have begun to add some reds.

Art process. Adding in some reds

Followed by some oranges.

Art process. Introducing oranges

After this I had a fairly large gap of time way from my art studio. About two weeks away. I was very much looking forward to coming back and working on it. It’s hard to leave a painting when you are in the zone. But because of our enforced time apart we were very glad to see each other again and I was filled with enthusiasm on my return.

The final part of the process was to work into the negative space and bring it all together. This is where my mind begins to see the suggestion of a meadow full of flowers. Maybe there is a hint of January frost in there too.

Art process. The final painting

I loved the final outcome.

Titled “This Side of Heaven”. 24″ x 28″acrylic on canvas.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my art process.


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New Abstract Meadow Painting

Abstract Meadow painting

I have been working on a new abstract meadow painting. This one is bringing me much joy. I LOVE the colours and it has been a dream to work with. One of those paintings where everything just seemed to fall in place nicely. I don’t think I am quite finished with it yet. I will let it sit for a while and gaze at it from time to time to see if our conversation is over.

Here is how it began.

First layer of abstract meadow acrylic painting

And here are a few little close ups showing some of the details.

Close up detail from abstract meadow painting
Close up detail from abstract meadow acrylic painting
Close up detail from abstract meadow acrylic painting
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