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This Quirky Portrait Needs a Name

I have finally got around to finishing another Quirky Portrait today.

I started her in October. Here is her sketch drawing.

Then I prepared her background.

And here is the sketched girl drawn on to the collaged background.

So today I had some time at last to take out my paints and finish her off.

She is painted in acrylics on 10″ x 10″ fibreboard.

Now I am presently calling her Library Girl, because she looks to me like she would be very happy swotting in the library but I am hoping someone can come up with a name for her. I would really welcome your suggestions in Comments please. A quirky name that sounds librarian like. Ha ha!

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Painting Quirky Portraits

Today I have been painting more of my Quirky Portraits and I have finished one already. The background I had already painted with acrylic paints back in April last year. That’s more than a year ago! I had prepared these¬†three 10″ square canvases which¬†were sitting on a shelf in my art room and to be honest I hadn’t known what to do with them.

So I took them off the shelf and decided they would make great backgrounds for one of my Quirky Portraits. It was a different way of working for me though. Normally I have decided what I am going to paint before I prepare my backgrounds and then the background is prepared accordingly. So this was a little scary for me and I was very dubious that it might not work out. But in fact I am very happy with it.

I chose to work on this prepared background first.First of all I painted her face.Then those white fanned brush marks above her head appealed to me so I added more to give the appearance of a headless.Then I added a Cleopatra inspired hairstyle.I have named her Cleo (for hairstyle reasons).

I thought you might like to see the sides of the canvas too.As you can see I have used a deep edged canvas and I take the painting around to the sides, including the top and bottom. I like to do this so that a painting can be enjoyed from any angle.




So now I need to work on the other two of these prepared canvases. Let’s hope they work out for me too.

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