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Paint Storage & Display Idea

I have just had this great idea which I thought I would share with you.

Here is a photo of my stencil display rack in my art room.

My Stencil Display Rack
My Stencil Display Rack

My stencils are stored on a rail from Ikea and the hooks are from Ikea too. This is one of the best bits of organisation I have done in my art room. The stencils are so convenient to sift through and find easily. But that isn’t the great idea I had today. THIS is my great idea for today.

Idea for storing and displaying acrylic paints
Idea for storing and displaying acrylic paints

Why not use another rack like this for storing and displaying my acrylic paints? Why didn’t I think of that before? My paints are currently in a drawer and it is always a pain sifting around trying to find the right colour. But with this method I will be able to see the colours easily and have quick access to them too. So, it looks like I will have to have another trip to Ikea. I then plan to display them all in a row in colour order.

Golden Paints Display & Store
Golden Paints Display & Store

Wow! I sound like such an organised person, don’t I? But in fact it is just another of my attempts to make my life more organised and to be more practical. My theory is more organisation should lead to more time for painting.

However, I do still approve of the saying ‘ Creative clutter is better than tidy idleness” which is certainly my motto where housework is concerned!

If you like my stencil storage or paint storage idea and are now feeling the need for a trip to Ikea you would probably like to know that the rail is called BYGEL and the clips are called RIKTIG hooks. Good old Ikea!

And happy shopping!


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