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Watercolour painting practice

Today’s watercolour painting practice. A4 size on watercolour paper.

Watercolour painting practice of a camel

I have decided I need to do more watercolour practice!

It is strange, but when I work in acrylics I think acrylics are my favourite medium. And then when I work in watercolours I think no, watercolours are my favourite medium! And vice versa.

But I do know that watercolours take a lot more practice. If only there was more time!

Making Good Use of my Watercolour Practice

I love to play/practice with my watercolour paints. It helps me to understand how the colours react with each other and to discover exciting colour combinations. It also helps me to get into the flow of painting with watercolour again, especially if I have been recently working with acrylics.

Watercolour practice swatches

I paint these little rectangular colour swatches. It is very relaxing to do.

But these little swatches are never wasted because I then use them in my watercolour art. Today I have used them to add decoration and interest to some greetings cards I have painted. The little animals and bears were also practice pieces from Danielle Donaldon’s class. But nothing goes to waste and they do make great original greetings cards.

Watercolour greetings cards

And the extra bonus is that they are great fun to do!

I hope I have inspired you to make some greetings cards of your own. If so, do let me know how you got on and whether you enjoyed making use of your scrap pieces too. I would love to hear from you.