After showing you the Mark Making Roller yesterday I thought I would continue on the rolling theme today. So, here is another simple rolling tool that you can make.

[easy-image-collage id=234]

As you can see I have cut some small random oblong shapes from the craft foam. I have purposely made these odd sizes as I do not want this tool to print a pattern that is too uniform.

Then I have stuck them all around the rolling pin with tacky glue in sort of continuous lines going around the rolling pin.

Rolling Pin Tool

When rolled onto my artwork they do make an interesting design.


You can choose to only add paint to portions of the roller if you do not want your pattern to be too uniform.

Mark Making

If you decide to make a ‘rolling pin mark making tool’ think of the endless possibilities of designs you could come up with. Just cut some different shapes from the foam and make more rollers. The rolling pins should be pretty cheap (mine only cost pennies). I think circle shapes in various sizes would work well. That’s what I am going to try with the next one I make.

What shape ideas could you come up with?

Look out for my next mark making post tomorrow. I will be moving away from rolling tools but have some more ideas for fun foam. And after that even more ideas in the days to come. I hope I am inspiring you to create. Please do leave me a comment below to let me know if you are enjoying this ‘mark making’ series.



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