A new idea just popped into my head yesterday. I decided I would take a look at trying to create a cubist painting. Cubist painting is something I really like but I really had no idea how to go about it but this is what I came up with. Not sure that I like it but it was an interesting exercise.

My process was as follows:

First of all I found myself three items that I thought had interesting shapes.

Then I made a quick sketch of them on to tracing paper just using outline shapes.

I used the tracing paper to transfer three groups of the same images in what I felt were a pleasing arrangement and decided to paint them with watercolour. That was trickier than I expected. I still need to try and refine my watercolour skills.

At this point I didn’t know what to do, so I took a picture of it and imported it into Procreate on my iPad. This gave me the freedom to play with ideas. Then I came up with something I was happy with.

I took these ideas back to the painting and replicated them in a similar fashion using fine line markers in black and white. And voila!

Well, now that I have worked on that little impulse I am not sure that I want to explore it any further. But that’s not a problem. I still have endless other ideas buzzing around in my head.

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  1. I’ve never heard of a cubist painting. It came out very nice! One more thing I need to add to my ever growing list of things to try. 🙂

    1. Type in ‘Cubist paintings images’ into Google search and you will see loads of images. They look like great fun to do.

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