I do love to paint Quirky Portraits and every so often I have to get one out of my system. And today was one of those days.

I have named her Patty. Mainly because her plaits gave me a bit of a problem but I couldn’t call her Plaity. 🙂

Here is the process of how she developed.

First I sketched out my idea.

I decided to use a 12 inch square wooden board which I painted with white gesso. I collaged on some papers for the background. There is no plan here. I just randomly paste them on but I do try to leave a space in the centre for the portrait.

After this I sketch out my portrait on to the prepared background.

Sometimes I paint the face first and sometimes I paint the background first. On this occasion I painted the background first using acrylic paints.After this I went on to paint the face.

Finally the hair, hat, body and finishing touches.

And voila, Patty was born!

I hope you like her.





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