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Fanciful Art – a break from the normal

I have just added some fanciful art – my “Whimsical Houses‘ series of paintings – to my online shop.

These paintings have been an ongoing project for me. I have little spells of painting where I enjoy taking a break from my usual abstract floral paintings.
It’s always good to have a change and these paintings feed my fanciful imagination.
Then I return refreshed to my floral style.

The paintings are generally composed of collage, acrylic paint, pen & pencil. The colours are both vibrant and ethereal.

If you would like to see them in more detail visit my online shop where you can see the various sizes and also see them framed and insitu.

Mixed media art of whimsical houses in situ

Prices vary from €90 – €140 ($100 – $150)
An affordable way to buy a piece of original art.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.

If you would like to follow my art journey you can find me on Instagram where I share photos and videos of my art process. #lesley.boost.arthappyme

Off the Top of My Head

I am having such fun with my watercolours creating some new style Quirky Portraits.

I am working on my own style. But you could say Danielle Donaldson meets Toni Burt. These artists are both a great inspiration to me.

I am trying to come up with a quirky title for this Quirky Lady. Everyone who sees her says that the houses look like a crown on her head, which was actually my intention. So I would love to hear your ideas for a quirky title. Please leave me a comment.

I am currently working on more paintings for this ‘Off the Top of My Head’ series. I have some great ideas which I can’t wait to put to paper. Watch this space!


New Quirky Portrait

I do love to paint Quirky Portraits and every so often I have to get one out of my system. And today was one of those days.

I have named her Patty. Mainly because her plaits gave me a bit of a problem but I couldn’t call her Plaity. 🙂

Here is the process of how she developed.

First I sketched out my idea.

I decided to use a 12 inch square wooden board which I painted with white gesso. I collaged on some papers for the background. There is no plan here. I just randomly paste them on but I do try to leave a space in the centre for the portrait.

After this I sketch out my portrait on to the prepared background.

Sometimes I paint the face first and sometimes I paint the background first. On this occasion I painted the background first using acrylic paints.After this I went on to paint the face.

Finally the hair, hat, body and finishing touches.

And voila, Patty was born!

I hope you like her.






Welcome to my Art Happy World.

These pages, posts and musings are my attempt at sharing my art journey with any fellow travellers who wish to explore their creative side. As you travel through my pages I hope I can provide inspiration as you watch my creative process unfold. Each work of art I produce is truly a voyage of discovery for me. I am a self taught artist who has been inspired by so many artists throughout my art travels and maybe ……just maybe ……I can inspire others in a similar way. I hope you enjoy your journey through my pages.