I have only recently begun to sell my art and have been flattered and honoured that so many people like what I do. I found that my Beach Babes series of acrylic paintings have been proving very popular and I just can’t paint them quickly enough.My good friend Karen (and my mentor) advised me to try having some gicleé prints done. So I have been making enquiries. However, because the initial cost is a little expensive I thought I would just try out having some prints of just one of my paintings. But, which one to choose???? I kept procrastinating and changing my mind when I suddenly came up with the idea of posting pictures of the originals on to different Facebook Art Groups that I belong to plus my own Facebook page asking for people’s opinions. I must say I was overwhelmed with the response. In two days I must have had over 200 comments and endless likes.

So, what was the result? Well I am pleased to say that it was this one that proved overwhelmingly the most popular. 

And this one came a fairly close second. 

I was actually very happy with this result as I had favoured the purple one myself.

I should point out that my first ever Beach Babe was originally inspired by the artwork of Carol Carmichael who seems to paint a number of beach scenes. As I have progressed through my paintings I have found my own style and learned a lot about painting the body and movement. As the purple and orange ladies (the one chosen) was my latest painting of six paintings that I have done I feel that this is more me.

So where do I go from here? Well next month I plan to have some gicleé prints done and will see how they sell.

I would like to thanks everyone who commented on my paintings which was a huge influence on my final decision. I had such lovely comments from you all. And lots of advice too. A few had suggested I have them made into greetings cards and I will be looking into that too.

If all goes well I hope to have them for sale here on my website soon. So watch this space! Or sign up for my newsletter updates (top right).

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