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Acrylic Painting of Beach Babes – More Quirky Ladies

I have just completed a new painting. It is an acrylic painting with a collaged background. This is branching out for me as I usually do faces not bodies. But I must say I did enjoy it and I am pleased with the final result.

The idea for the ladies just sprang into my head and I couldn’t wait to make a start. I wasn’t sure if they would be a success. It was a little out of my comfort zone. I often find that the ideas in my head do not generally turn out the same in the end result. But I was splendidly pleased with the outcome.

First I sketched out a couple of Quirky Ladies in my sketch pad and once I was happy with them I drew them out again on my 12 inch square piece of wood that I had previously gessoed in preparation.

I collaged the background areas avoiding the drawn centre area. Then I painted the ladies and the background with acrylic paints.


Lovely ladies I am very happy with you. I may have to paint another.



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Sketching Quirky Portraits

I am still away from my art studio and only have limited supplies with me. So, I am having to console myself with sketching quirky portraits with pencil in my tiny sketchbook. 

Now I can’t wait to get back to my art supplies so that I can collage some large backgrounds and transform these gals with some paint and colour.




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Painting Whimsical Portraits

Well I just had to paint another big eyed girl. I love painting whimsical portraits. They are a little bit addictive and I do love whimsy!

Big eyed girl painted on canvas with acrylics

So now I have a set of three.

Set of three big eyed girls painted on 8" canvas with acrylicsNow I wonder if there is any improvement? I painted them in the order 2nd, 3rd, 1st (left to right). What do you think? Have you a preference? Have I improved? Please leave me a comment and let me know which one you like the best. It would be interesting to get some feedback on my progress.



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Happy Accidents

I have just completed two more little story books of imaginary creatures, which means I now have three. I really love these and can’t wait to give them to my two adorable little grandkids. And maybe keep one as a spare, ready for when grandchild number three arrives. Ha ha!

A set of Imaginary Creature Books

But in the meantime I wanted to tell you about my happy little accidents.

Firstly, I had written the words “let’s go walkies” on the wrong book. Oh no!!!


I was so cross with myself. It was written with a permanent black pigma pen and there was no way I could cover it with my watercolours. But, quick as a flash I came up with an idea. I grabbed my watercolour sample pieces and cut out some flower shapes big enough to cover the words.

Watercolour samples

These sample pieces are in fact little squares that I have from where I practice my watercolour techniques. And they always come in very useful. I stuck the flowers over the top of the wrong words so that I could write the correct words elsewhere on the page.


You can see the new correct words back on the first photo in this post of the three books.

I was really pleased with myself and in fact I really liked the idea. It gave the book a 3D effect and the page more interest.

With this in mind I decided to use the same technique to alter a colour that I was not happy with in my other book. I had changed my mind so many times on the colour of this little fellow’s ear that the watercolour had become dull, dense and uninteresting.

Imaginary Creature Book

Sample pieces to the rescue again! I traced the shape of the ear onto another of my watercolour samples, glued it on the top and outlined it. And voila!

Watercolour Book Mistake

I am much happier with it now.

So you see, a horrible error turned out into a new technique, which I will definitely use again.




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My Little Storybook

I have recently signed up for a class with Carla Sonheim and she encourages you to draw random lines on paper with your eyes closed and then to find imaginary animal shapes within those lines. It is great fun to do and I love that it helps me to come up with my own imaginary animals, fish birds etc. Here are some pages of the imaginary creatures that I have come up with.

Finding Imaginary Creatures

Finding Imaginary Creatures

Finding Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary Creatures

Finding Imaginary Creatures

Finding Imaginary Creatures

As you can see once I had found my little imaginary creatures I coloured them in with colouring pencils. I then went on to use these little creatures to create my own little “Imagimals Book” for my little grandson Ethan. This little book has been painted with watercolours and words added. The animals on some of the pages become part of the animal on the page underneath. Here is a flick through the pages of my book.

Imaginary Creatures Storybook


Imagimals Book

Imagimals Book

Imagimals Book

You will also find a short video here on my Facebook Art Page of a quick flick through my little book with voiceover. I think it is the buried actress within me surfacing!

What fun eh!


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Frog Drawing

I have been practising drawing frogs and become obsessed. Just can’t stop drawing them. I am struggling with outline drawing instead of sketching though. This is something I have been trying to do of late but don’t seem to have mastered it yet. But these little characters are fun to draw.

Frog Sketches

Big bellied frogs

Skinny spotty frogs

OK. No more frogs for a while Lesley. Time to move on.



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