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My Floral Artwork Cushions

Floral artwork cushions

I am very excited to announce that for a limited period five pieces of my floral artwork are going to be available on cushions and as art prints.

I absolutely LOVE the cushions.

Above all, I am particularly thrilled that these cushions are available through a company who plant three trees for every order they receive. They also use sustainable package and are against modern slavery and make sure there is no modern slavery used in their supply lines.
So a thoroughly ‘green’ company which is wonderful.

Here is an example of one of my art prints.

What more can I tell you?
Well, their prices are very reasonable.
For instance a 17″ (43 cms) square cushion costs £24.95 and an 8″ square (20cms) art print costs £15.95. All prices include UK postage.
But don’t worry, they ship internationally too and their shipping rates are very fair
In addition the cushions and prints come in a variety of sizes.

My floral artwork cushions and art prints will only be available for a limited time until August 16th. The link to purchase is at Wraptious.com

Finally, I have my fingers crossed that I might be selected as an artist for their giftware range. Any purchases of my work or likes on Facebook will give me points towards recognition, so even if you don’t wish to purchase I would be very grateful for your Likes. Here is the link.

Please Like my artwork here on Facebook

And if you like the artwork the originals of these are currently available to purchase in my online shop.

Thank you for taking a look and please wish me luck. 🤞

Current Painting in Progress – Knowing when to stop

This is the current painting in progress on my Artristic Easel.

Abstract floral acrylic art. Current painting in progress

An artist’s work goes through many stages. Often loving the early stages and wanting to stop right there. Or trying to decide when is enough and knowing when to stop. (Sometimes wishing I had stopped earlier 😱 ). From enjoying it to hating it. Lots of tweaking and masses of self doubt.

But I guess this is the same when a poet writes his poems, an author writes his book or a composer composes his music. We are constantly seeking perfection. Probably never quite attaining it. BUT that is what drives us to create more. It is part of the creative process. It is important to remember that and go along with the agonies of the process, expect it to happen and work through it.

So, I need to let this painting sit for a while and decide if I am happy with it as it is or whether to work on it some more. I’m sure it will speak to me when it is ready.

What do you think?

And if you want to see why I like my Artristic Easel so much read what I have to say about it here. Then you will understand why it is my favourite easel.

Art Process – development of an abstract meadow painting

I thought you might like to see some of the art process from my latest painting “This Side of Heaven”

Unfortunately I only took a few photos shots but it might give you a little glimpse into how the painting developed.

After the initial black and white layer here are some early layers of blues, lilacs and lemons. As you can see there has been a fair bit of paint dripping going on.

Art process. First layers of colour

Then I have begun to add some reds.

Art process. Adding in some reds

Followed by some oranges.

Art process. Introducing oranges

After this I had a fairly large gap of time way from my art studio. About two weeks away. I was very much looking forward to coming back and working on it. It’s hard to leave a painting when you are in the zone. But because of our enforced time apart we were very glad to see each other again and I was filled with enthusiasm on my return.

The final part of the process was to work into the negative space and bring it all together. This is where my mind begins to see the suggestion of a meadow full of flowers. Maybe there is a hint of January frost in there too.

acrylic abstract floral painting

I loved the final outcome.

Titled “This Side of Heaven”. 24″ x 28″acrylic on canvas.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my art process.